Hello and welcome to our store! Meggie's Market is a small, family-owned online store where we offer only our favorite dog supplies and gifts for dog lovers. 

Meggie is our amazing, beloved dog (one of three actually!) who has changed our lives in so many wonderful ways. Meggie is a big, beautiful mutt whom we rescued from an animal shelter several years ago and she was actually scheduled to be euthanized. Meggie had quite a few behavioral problems in her first few months with us, but quickly overcame her issues with a lot of love, patience, and kindness. As a professional dog trainer, I was able to help her work through her troubles, and she eventually was certified for therapy work! She has visited several nursing homes over the years, and her visits are always greatly anticipated by the residents! Some of her biggest fans excitedly await her visits by wearing doggy attire or accessories! She allows everyone to kiss, squeeze, hug, and pet her. Then she and I head over to the park for some quality time for just the two of us to run and play! 

Meggie also helps me with my dog training business when I need another dog, and she has helped several dogs overcome their fear of new people by befriending them, and showing them how much she trusts me. Meggie currently lives with a little girl and a new baby, as well as her two pup friends, Joey and Casey (they are also very loved, of course!). Meggie is just such a wonderful dog- the perfect mix of sweet, loving, obedient, playful, and protective. 

This store is dedicated to Meggie, for all that she has taught and given everyone she has met! In this store, you will find only dog supplies and gifts that we have personally used and enjoyed. As a dog trainer, I have found these to be not only my favorites, and my dogs' favorites, but also the favorites of many, many of my clients. We hope you will enjoy shopping with us and sharing these wonderful items with your pups and loved ones! 

Thanks and happy shopping! 

Christy, Tyler, Emmie, Charlie, Meggie, Joey, Casey, and Romeo the cat